Day 6


1) Wunderhusband creatively cared for…by filing and sorting the piles on his desk for him. He’s normally VERY good at doing this himself, but having been sick all week, there were some sizable stacks!

2) Word picture: still refining this one…

Honey swirled down into my mug of green tea: tiny, amber-gold droplets tumbling slowly, like sunbeams into a rainforest.

3) Picture of the day: Writer’sBlock (I suffered from it for several hours this afternoon)

4) Creative Resource: I read an article on personal productivity (can’t remember where), and it suggested igoogle as a way to improve. I REALLY like the google Reader feature that can be added (it subscribes to all your feeds and lets you organize them into folders), google Calendar, and the To Do List that allows you to prioritize tasks. The Google Notebook is REALLY cool too–check it out! It’s a wonderfully creative solution to all the random stuff we do online.

Also, on a lighter note: WOW <–I wonder how long this took to put together??!!

5) Connecting with the Creator: praying for the sick in our lives–we have an Uncle just getting out of an extended hospital stay, one getting heart surgery tomorrow at 7 AM (only 6 months after a kidney transplant), and a dear friend with cancer.


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