a tiny piece of parenting…

I got to experience a miniscule but very moving bit of the parenting experience today. I was blessed enough to be able to spend time with the wuggies (who are heading out to Texas this week!) The wuggies are a pair of 3 year old boys (twins), and a 1.5 year old girl.

The day was a mixture of everything–I got to the house expecting to pack boxes but ended up being more useful as a kid wrangler. Mom and Dad knew where they wanted everything, so keeping the kids out of their way was the best thing to do. Things were awkward for about 2 minutes, then the kids and I were used to each other and playing like old friends. It’s truly amazing to interact with 3 individuals who respond in some way to EVERY sound that comes out of my mouth: I sang a random song, and they all turned and stared (in horror or interest,  I’m not sure). I asked questions and all 3 responded. If they didn’t understand the question, they echoed it. If they thought it was silly or didn’t want to answer it, they pointed out something else.

It was fascinating to see how the twins play together without their sister–they function as a pretty cohesive unit when together, even though they have incredibly different personlities. They were amazing when I walked them to the park (in the Doopah Mobile…aka, mega stroller). They talked the whole way there, commenting on passing cars, trees, scenery, and the park. They add adjectives to EVERYthing: “Look a tree, a BIG, GREEN tree”; “look, a boat: a BLUE boat”.

At the park, they repeatedly admonished each other to “watch your head” and “be gentle”. When we found some rolly poly bugs, they found a “Dodders bug”, a “Mama bug”, and “lots of baby bugs”–everything is assumed to have a family unit, even the fish in their picture book backgrounds! I was surprised at how fun interacting with little boys can be–they are incredibly creative and verbally expressive!

Getting home, we ate dinner, Mom and Dad headed out to a meeting, then came the joy of changing 3 (very) dirty diapers. LOL! The kids were tired and started to get a bit delirious and, well, extremely active.  That probably had something to do with the cake I fed them for dessert.

Bathing all 3 was surprisingly easy–they were all (thank God) very cooperative and tried to help me by finding things that I needed. Then came an amazing moment: after a day of constant noise, screaming, yelling, fighting, pushing, loud playing, etc., all three beautiful amazing children spontaneously cuddled up next to me and on my lap as we read Curious George. As they chatted about the pictures and pointed out all the details in each one, I realized that if necessary, I would, without a second thought, die protecting these bundles of innocence and potential.

Then someone threw a fit over not wanting to wear a long sleeved shirt, etc., and it was back to the less sublime part of being around kids.  :)

On  a lighter (though mildly horrifying) note, I managed to make all 3 kids cry at the exact same time: NOT ON PURPOSE! It was bedtime, so, I read them 4 stories, gave them water drinks, and brushed their teeth. The twins were already nodding off, and Tembo was knocked out on the floor. I snuck out, turned out the light, and shut the door. To my horror, about 2 seconds later, I heard THREE sobbing children. Yep, that light went on and STAYED on. :) Just call me the Toddler Whisperer…NOT!

Thanks much to the Wuggies’ parents for entrusting me with their amazing family for  few hours..what an amazing experience.



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2 responses to “a tiny piece of parenting…

  1. I was feeling grumpy the other day about having to change ANOTHER disgusting, smelly diaper. I was griping about it to myself and getting more and more grumpy by the minute. I finished the diaper and Lucy looked up at me, grinned, and said “Day-dyou Dider! (Thank you diaper)!” That gave me so much motivation that I’d have happily changed ten more smelly diapers right then. :)

  2. Awww, what a great post!

    You were quite a lifesaver that day!

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