creativity project, week 2.5-3

OK, things I’ve learned about creativity thus far:

  • It takes a LOT of mental energy!
    • Just thinking of different ways to show the WunderHusband that he’s loved and appreciated takes up at least 20 minutes a day (scattered throughout the day, but still!). For instance, I might think, “How can I show him that I love him in a unique way?” and then chase my mind down multiple tangents–ways to cook/feed him creatively (and in a healthy way!), something to do to the house (take over his chores, do extra cleaning when he’s gone, take over a project he started), something to say or refrain from saying, NOT calling him when he’s at work :), synthesizing an article or current event so that he doesn’t have to read it (saves him time)….etc.
      • And these tangents take some mental discipline to follow and tease out meaningful content!
      • So, I think I need to build “creativity stamina” so that following these tangents is more natural and more energy efficient.
  • Creativity increases with persistence:
    • when I push myself to get past something difficult (like writer’s block, or solving an unfamiliar problem creatively), the results are like those from an extra heavy workout: I feel them right away. After my mental muscles rebuild, I have a new, higher threshold for what’s difficult.
  • Building and Acting on Creativity takes flexibility.
    •  For example, this week, I’ve been devoting my creativity to dealing with travel plans, spending time with people, and creating gifts for loved ones (e.g., my sister’s b-day, etc), as well as spending extra time with the WunderHub (in preparation for being away for 1 month).
    • At first, it felt like cheating to not be doing what I said I would for the next 30 days, but since my creative ideas stemmed from starting the creative disciplines I fabricated 3 weeks ago, I figured it was OK to pursue those.
  • Putting a resolution or project online is a POWERFUL motivation to actually follow through with it–it’s a nice reminder every day that I told several people, in writing, that I was going to do something! :)
  • Overall, I’m flexing into a more fluid discipline of creativity.
    • Focusing most on WunderHusband creativity, social activities, and adding some physical creativity this week: I’ll be staring on altering composition books (decorating the covers with certain themes, etc). I have the themes written out verbally, so this week I’ll actually complete 1-2 physical layouts for the books.

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  1. About creative stamina: creativity is about 80$ sheer pigheadedness in sticking it out–actual inspiration is maybe 5%. Most writers mention that they have to sit and write when they’re not inspired, and the inspiration only comes once they’ve been writing for a while. Sort of like a ball-point pen: you have to scribble for a minute before the ink starts flowing.

    Keep it up, you’re doing great!

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