98 degrees in the moonlight

Welcome to Arizona! I just sat at the pool and read 2 chapters of _Getting Things Done_ while my little sis swam for an hour. It was starry, with a big half-moon, and it was 98 degrees, at 11 PM.

Still, there’s a BIG difference between sitting in the sun in 98 degree weather vs. sitting in the moonlight–it must have something to do with not having your skin fried by UV radiation when it’s just moonlight! :)

In other news, I get to see my BEST FRIEND tomorrow! Apparently, she lives in an area of AZ where the weather is actually COOLER than in most parts of CA–7,000 feet of elevation just might do that for ya! :) So, I get to visit Flagstaff for the first time tomorrow!

We’re here in this sunniest of spots to pay our respects to my Papi (paternal grandpa) and participate in an ashes scattering ceremony. ::sigh::  He helped produce my Dad, for which I’m eternally grateful, and was a tireless and vocal supporter of my college education, faithfully sending me a check for $50 a month throughout my junior and senior years.  I wish we could have seen more of each other (physical distance prevented more frequent visits), but I’m so grateful for the wonderful times we had together. ::hugs:: Love you Papi!


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  1. Oooh, that pool sounds heavenly. I LOVE swimming at night. Hope your trip goes well!

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