CNN’s Lou Dobbs on the Amnesty Bill

Yep, as you all know, this bill being debated in Congress right now…and it’s pretty scary. Check out this (very pointed) analysis of the 5 worst things about it:

Lou’s Top 5 List

Top 5 Dumbest Things in the Immigration Bill

5) Taxpayers will pay for the immigration lawyers for illegal aliens if working in agriculture.

4) Illegal aliens would be given legal status just one day after their application is filed even if a background check is not completed.

3) Gang members are eligible for amnesty if they renounce their gang status.

2) Borders do not have to be secure before the amnesty program begins.

1) $2,600,000,000,000 — That is the cost the Heritage Foundation estimates to cover the retirement benefits of 12,000,000 illegal aliens if this amnesty bill becomes law.


Check out this Clip as well (very succinct analysis of the problems in the bill as it it stands now), and this transcript of a debate on the bill (VERY interesting, detailed information).


This is such a bizarre time, yet exciting. The Wunderhusband and I are constantly talking about the implications of US foreign and domestic policy on the world at large. Ironically, even though we (American citizens) may not think much about other countries, America has enormous influence on world politics.


As a nation under God, what is our response to the “poor, hungry, and needy” that are pouring into our country illegally? How do we respond to the criminals exploiting them? How are we to respond to the flood of criminals entering our country, along with the people who just want to make a better life for their kids?


What would we do, if we lived in a horrible situation with a corrupt government that wouldn’t process our application for immigration? What if we earned $100/month to live on, and our visa/immigration application required $400 just to enter the lottery to possibly get processed (actual numbers)? What if we had children, no formal education, and no way of earning enough money to enter the “lottery” to apply for immigration? How then would we make a better life for our child?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% against amnesty for illegal aliens–and by the way, I’m Hispanic, and married to a LEGAL immigrant from the Philippines–it seems economically foolish and untenable, as well as absurdly unfair to the people actually attempting to respect the USA’s laws and processes by going through the arduous application process.


At the same time, I do NOT believe our country should turn a blind eye to the “shadow class” of illegal residents who are exploited by our companies, work in unsafe conditions, and paid unfair wages.

These people are still human beings, and as one of the VERY FEW countries that still seems to care about the value of human life, we can’t degrade ourselves and them by treating them as inferior to ourselves. That will only breed discontent, disrespect, and make any immigrants who are on the fence about giving their full loyalty to the USA less likely to make the (right and beneficial) choice to integrate fully into our society. Also, when these illegal immigrants have kids who are now LEGAL CITIZENS of the United States, what sort of loyalty will these kids have to a country that turns the other cheek to its companies’ exploitation of their parents?


On the flip side, if you enter the USA (or any country) illegally, obviously, we OWE YOU NOTHING and you forfeit many of your rights by committing this crime.







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One response to “CNN’s Lou Dobbs on the Amnesty Bill

  1. It’s a horrifically complicated situation. It’s a ghastly thing to have the whole influx occurring illegally and under the radar. We want to initiate our newcomers into good citizenship, not lawlessness.

    And yet there are a lot of ways in which we are deeply dependent upon illegal workers—and dependent upon their very illegality. And you can call it exploitation, but even with illegally low wages, it’s a huge step up for them.

    We want laws that work, that can be enforced consistently, but I sure haven’t heard any workable solutions. Every proposal I’ve heard seems much worse than the current situation of lightly enforced laws.

    Which is very unsatisfying.

    The nagging question as I’m re-reading the Republic this summer: is it possible for a society to have both wealth and truth?

    I’m pessimistic about finding a solution.

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