this time tomorrow…

(Lord willing and the creek don’t rise), I’ll be on a plane with 30 other team members headed to Dongguan, China!!!

I’m spectacularly excited and the vast number of unknowns about this trip has me jittery (but in a positive, energy-giving way).

Please pray for safety–there was a huge explosion at a karaoke bar in Beijing (we’re headed to Beijing at the end of July) just last night. I guess I’ll be staying out of karaoke bars! :-p

Also please pray that I and my team stay very healthy and energetic–we want to do our very best for the kids we’ll be teaching, and their schools have spent a lot of money to bring us over. For most of us, this will be our first time spending 1 full month in another country, so I imagine it will be rather tiring and stressful at some point.

Oh, and email me if you want me to bring you back anything special! ;)

::hugs:: I’ll update as often as I can. Have a great weekend.


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  1. globetrotteri

    Hello again. I think maybe I’ve missed something. I’ve been scrolling through your blog trying to find some lead-up entries to your upcoming adventures in China. Where should I look? I’d love to hear a little about the program that you’ll be working with and what type of school you’ll be in. Congratulations on your upcoming adventures. They will be life-changing and unforgettable! I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts about life in China. I lived in China for three years and I miss it all the time. I live in Taiwan now, but it’s not the same. China is indescribable.

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