Rested and Ready for Another Week

Thank you for all your comments and emails…it is SO NICE to hear from people back home. I was listening to some of the Wunderhusband’s and my fave songs on yesterday’s bus ride (Thanks for the mp3 player loaner, Munchkin!!), and I had to stop ‘cuz it made me cry. Miss you, babe! It’s like a cool glass of non-e-coli-filled-iced-tea to hear from ya’ll! :)

Nick, thanks for the tips on giving to the beggars. I was confused b/c I saw our Chinese hosts giving them money. I’ll make sure I give food. And yes, I’m really concerned about the whole pickpocket issue. It’s a really huge problem in China, and we’re a very conspicuously touristy group.

Sorry about all the Typos in my emails. I’m so beat by the time I get around to emailing that apparently I lose my ability to spell! :-P

Random Observations

Did you know that a big pastime here is to LINE dance to TECHNO music? It looks like a lot of fun! Also, every night in the big square across the street, there are hundreds of people doing Tai Chi or Ballet (yesterday) to beautiful, calming music. We want to join them some night.

Last Night…we had big plans to go to a restaurant that some of our teammates have been raving about, clean up our room, and maybe get some shopping in at the 3rd St. Promendade doppelganger. Alas, we ended up chowing on ramen (delicious) in our room and hanging out with a few other girls on the team. It was still very fun. We dropped into bed early (10:30 PM), and got up LATE today (8 AM). What a glorious feeling–that feeling of NOT being exhausted! :) My poor roomie, Megan, is still sick, but she thinks it’s a really bad allergy attack rather than a virus, etc. While this doesn’t mean she feels any better, at least she’s got some hope of getting better rather than potentially getting something really nasty. Please pray for her to get better!

It’s exciting to start the 2nd week of teaching. The kids are starting to catch on to correct pronunciation, so I’m hoping to really kick things up a notch this week!

Thank you again for the emails, comments, and prayers. It means SO much to hear from you. Much love, Mircat


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