alive but anemic

ack. It hit me today. I walked up 1 flight of stairs and couldn’t get enough oxygen. Airflow was fine, O2 was not. I’ve been chowing vitamins and enriched power bars, but I guess that hasn’t been enough. There aren’t very many beans here (my fave iron source).

 The kids have all but mastered the “th” sound and “s”. I’m so proud of them. We’re working on trickier vowel sounds now (like “eh” instead of “aah”, as well as upping their comprehension of spoken English. The lessons are getting harder and harder…It’s a bit more fun to teach the more complex stuff, except in a couple of the classes where the kids are too young or don’t have a good enough English background.

It rained yesterday, and the air is cooler. A lovely change.

2 days ago, I looked up at the sunset (we have an AMAZING view of it from our 11th floor, western exposure rooms), and WOW–there were narrow oval rainbows all over the sky. Extraordinary. Every sunset here is spectacular–lots of brilliant colors, with the bizarre cloud formations adding an extra punch of texture. Thanks be to God for his ability to give us beauty, even in the midst of pollution and squallor!

The wind is very strong, howling at our doors every night. Thank goodness we’re not in the Hunan province. Apparently they flooded and there have been BILLIONS of rats streaming out of the province to escape the water, some up to 1 foot long. Glad I’m not there.

We may hike tonight, or watch a pirated version of Transformers! :)  Love you all.


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