happy change

My roommate extraordinaire, Megan, and I get to be partners due to some staff re-shuffling on our team. So, I get to help out with “Stories” instead of “Songs”! SO cool!

We’re getting interviewed by a local news station today after our last class. I don’t know what to expect, so it’ll be interesting.

On an incredibly shallow note (don’t read this, WunderHusband), I GET TO GO TO THE WORLD’S BIGGEST MALL in just 2 days. :-D

We all watched a pirated version of Transformers last night, and it made us intensely homesick for America. ::sigh::

We’ve been chatting with Chinese English teachers in the afternoon for about 30-45 minutes. It’s been interesting to get their perspective on China. Everyone seems to travel extensively throughout China since it’s so expensive to go anywhere outside the country. For example, a passport costs $14,000 RMB ($2000 USD), and in order to go to America, one has to put $50,000 RMB ($7500 USD)  into the bank to be held until one returns to China. Oh, and then the ticket is another $14,000 RMB ($2000 USD). Then, once one gets to the US, everything is 7 times more expensive than it is in China (b.c of differences in currency valuation).

I’m feeling better–more energetic. Thanks for your prayers–I know your prayers are the only reason I haven’t gotten sick yet! Also, please pray protection around all of us while we’re in Beijing. It’s so touristy there, and I’m really concerned about our safety–it’s crowded and full of lots of pickpockets, robbers, etc. because of the number of tourists.

On the bright side, it will be amazingly cool–there’s the Forbidden City, the tomb of Mao, and tons of other crazy amazing things! We’re even doing a tricycle tour of little old Beijing! :)


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