sorry for the lack of posts!

teaching is finished! What a crazy experience. Today was the final day, and all the kids had us sign their t-shirts, give them business cards, and take pictures of them. Good times! We also went out to dinner with all the teachers and they gave us school t-shirts and beautiful Chinese fans.

I may not be able to post very often after this–I haven’t been able to access my blog here for several days, and on Sunday AM, I’m leaving for Beijing with questionable internet access. LESS than a week til I am home!!! Good times! I can’t wait to see everyone.

I feel physically great–no more sickness/exhaustion/etc. Thank you for your prayers.  

there are mosquitos in here, so I’d better leave before I get malaria!! Love you all.


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  1. globetrotteri

    Have a wonderful time in Beijing. It’s an amazing city. I haven’t been back since January 2005, so I’m anxious to hear what improvements they’ve been making in anticipation of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

    I assume you’re going to see all the major sites. Tiananmen and the Forbidden City can be done in a day. You’ll need another day to see the Great Wall. You might even want to stop by Wanfujie for some shopping. The food stalls there are incredible. I always enjoy heading to Hong Qiao for some cheap souvenir shopping. Beware though, bargaining skills are needed!

    Good luck with the rest of your travels and have a safe trip home!

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