When the stars converge…

or rather, when 4 of my most favorite things converge–the Wunderhusband, hydrangeas, swing dancing, and stars–it makes for a downright awesome anniversary trip!

Happy THIRD anniversary of marriage to US! :)

 Eeep. Three years married. That makes me sound old.

After a whirlwind 2  days in AZ (where my beautiful cousin got married and my best friend celebrated moving in to her gorgeous NEW HOME), we enjoyed Northernmost CA–Eureka & Arcata for 4 days.

Northern CA Highlights include

  •     visiting the Loleta cheese factory & sampling 30 kinds of freshly made cheese to our hearts’ content! Yep, this was the first thing we did on the actual day of our anniversary. My favorites were the “Herb and Spice Havarti” and the “Chipotle Jack” (both of which managed to come home with me).
  • chowing down at the Samoa cookhouse with my super-cool Uncle Tony. Mmmm…Peach cake!
  • Touring the most beautiful beaches this side of the world with said super-cool Uncle.
  • Strolling along beaches that “smell like an oyster shooter”, according the Wunderhusband.
  • Kayaking at moonrise on Humboldt Bay with the Wunderhusband.
  • Visiting the Kinetic Sculpture Museum  in Ferndale and standing mesmerized in front of the pieces for several minutes.
  • Having my assumptions about halibut completely re-written–when fresh, this fish is perfectly, scrumptiously delectable. A fabulous, tender-plump, juicy white fish with a delicious, delicate flavor that is beautifully complimented by lemon and garlic. I’m gushing, I know…but having only had my own defrosted and poorly cooked halibut, my world was definitely rocked by just how amazing this dish was. Thank you to the Waterfront Grill in Eureka for the eye-opening experience! :)
  • THE REDWOOD GROVES! Oh my….these trees have such palpable spirit and presence. Both the Wunderhusband and I were reduced to cries and exclamations of “Oh, THAT one….OOOOO–LOOK at the one over THERE!!” and “Oh, WOW” for about 8 hours. We had a fun time hiking down “Damnation Creek Trail”, aptly named for how easy it is to climb down and how difficult it is to scramble back up. The Redwoods’ thick, shady canopy makes hiking a breeze–no hot sun beating down, no glare, and nice cool air with plenty of fresh oxygen!
  • Sharing meals and time with the Wunderhusband. Priceless.
  • Finding a tiny swing dance hall at about9:30 PM, and (while walking in) realizing that I was standing with the Wunderhusband, next to a giant, wild hydrangea bush in full bloom, under a sky sparkling with (VISIBLE) stars. Definitely one of my most blessed moments. Ever.

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One response to “When the stars converge…

  1. Brenda

    Miriam and Anthony:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Sorry I didn’t mention it sooner. Been a little distracted recently…sigh!

    Can’t wait to finally get together, Miriam. Let’s work it out :)

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