“oh the possibilities…”

My 4 brothers’ favorite soundtrack at the moment is Bridge to Terabithia. It has a really cute song (I think it runs during the end credits) that, in true Disney fashion, exhorts its listeners to “Live with your heart open….[to]all the possibilities”. It’s adorable and sweet and a nice change from my usual “the sadder and more depressing the better” songs.

Anyway, I was driving my brothers to Target, and popped the soundtrack in… Let me back up for those who may not know my family situation. I have four disabled brothers, some of whom are adopted. They all live at home. All but one are non-verbal and are around the level of  1-3 year olds. So, I put this soundtrack on, and they all brightened: my one (VERY) verbal brother started singing along, and the other three smiled. The two boys in the back (both non verbal) started “dancing” (aka, rocking back and forth and side to side).

Their pure, unabashed joy at something so simple and uplifting simultaneously made me smile and brought tears to my eyes. I mean, really, who has four brothers–all in their twenties–who dance and sing to Disney songs in the car?

And I thought, “Hmmm…about those possibilities…” :)


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