Pumpkin Smoothie Round-up

So, I tried to make a Pumpkin Chai Smoothie today, and it was drinkable, but nothing that I’d dare inflict on another human being. :) A Google search for Pumpkin Chai Smoothie recipes turned up nothing that I wanted (I’m determined to use REAL, Pure, Canned Pumpkin in my smoothies, not Pumpkin Syrup and not Pumpkin Pie Mix).

So, here are some Pumpkin Smoothie Recipes that look yummy on their own, and that I’m hoping to add some Chai to and subtract some sugar and fat from!

If anyone else wants to try them and let me know what happens, I’d appreciate it!

This one seems like the most promising since it has very little added sugar and no added fat.

I’d rather not use banana, b.c I’d like to be able to serve this to my best friend who hates bananas! Still, this one looks delicious.

It got terrible reviews from people who tried it, and I think it’s b/c they actually used too much pumpkin and too much citrus. Still, it looks like it’s worth trying to salvage (sans whipping cream, of course)!

I like that they added some whole wheat graham crackers (though I’m not sure where to find ’em!), and I’m wondering if I could use a Splenda Brown Sugar mix instead of pure brown sugar.

The common denominator amongst these three seems to be the use of evaporated milk (which is available in fat free, reduced sugar varieties). Oh! and this site is very clunky.


Hopefully, some of you with larger families ::cough, cough:: MOM ::cough, cough:: will try these recipes and let me know your results–it’s going to take me a looong time to get through these on my own! :)


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