So, I’ve been toying with the idea of significantly reducing my “stuff”, aka, worldly possessions.  :) I don’t like how full my house is, and I have lots of things that I don’t use at all or often enough to justify the space they occupy. I’m not opposed to having lots of possessions, but mine are starting to make me feel weighed down, which signifies a need for a change.

So, during my 1 month break between Fall and Winter Quarter, I’m going to take steps to reduce my possessions. I’ve made a list of

  • Things I THINK I want to get rid of
  • Things I DEFINITELY want to get rid of, and
  • Things I DEFINITELY want to KEEP.

I also made a list of my values–what’s important to me, things that make me happy, etc., to help me evaluate the “stuff” in my life.

If anyone has ANY helpful suggestions on how they decided to get rid of certain possessions, etc., or anything they’d do differently in the process, I’m VERY interested!




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3 responses to “Reduction

  1. Rachel

    This is EXACTLY what flylady is about. She can be a little hard to get through at first, but if you can get used to her verbal quirks she really is quite brilliant.

  2. ooo, thanks! I just looked up her “decluttering” article…

  3. Dave and I have done/are doing this slowly. We’ve made it our goal to slowly fill our home and our lives with things we love. If something isn’t in that category, we get rid of it. If we’re not sure, we keep it around until we are. It usually makes itself clear over time.

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