anthropologie…curse you and your effective marketing!!

Just when I think I’ve gotten my materialistic urges under control and am no longer pining for a silken embroidered dress whose price would feed a village for a year, Anthropologie comes out with their winter/holiday catalog. AUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!!! Their clothing is sooooo beautiful.

I’ve never purchased an item of clothing from anthropologie….they’re just completely and totally out of my price range. ::sigh:: And I’ve never found an acceptable knock- off/alternative source. Their clothing isn’t always well made and not always gorgeous, but this season it is!!  Gorgeous embroidered dresses, to -die – for sweaters, amazing bags….yeah.

There’s something that makes me sad when I think about the state of my soul and wonder if I DID have the money, would I buy a $500 dress that I don’t need? Or a $300 sweater? A casual outfit for $800? ….I don’t really know. I hope not. I hope I’d do more admirable things than constantly indulge my shopping whims when blessed with bountiful amounts of money.

No, I’m not saying that people who buy expensive clothes are ignoble or that they shouldn’t…I just think that with what I know about the world, I should be happy with the amazing blessings that I have….and be willing to sacrificially share those blessings when given the chance.

Still, I love beauty, especially extravagant, awesome amazing-attention-to-detail beauty, and I’m glad that there are people whose lives are devoted to creating it and that there are those who can display it! :) Maybe if I had bountiful amounts of money, I could get 1 singularly gorgeous, unique, amazing piece of clothing a year…contribute to the cause of earthly beauty, as it were…and devote the rest of my resources to cultivating/communing with the eternal kind. ;)



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2 responses to “anthropologie…curse you and your effective marketing!!

  1. i forgot to mention that ANTHROPOLOGIE was the other thing we have in common….especially after reading this post! i have the VERY SAME musings and philosophical debates with myself. i have a couple of different ways i deal with anthropologie lust:

    1. i go there. look around. promptly leave and draw a few of my favorite designs (dresses usually or t-shirts) to try and sew with my existing fabric collection.

    2. go there. allow myself something that’s marked down a lot, that i “need” in the sale room. sometimes i find that it’s just as fun to try clothes on but not buy anything at all. it can be inspiring to be around the other shoppers and their creative outfits, etc.

    3. if i want to splurge and buy something, then i have to spend that SAME exact amount on a charity that passes the “charity navigator” approval.

    my husband even approves.


  2. I LOVE your “charity navigator” idea…what a beautiful way to limit and place into proper perspective one’s spending on material items. :) Yes, I definitely use anthropologie as a creative inspiration, though my sewing skills are too basic to allow for much actual clothing construction, no matter how inspired I am. :-P It’s nice to know I’m not the only one thinking along these lines!

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