Ummmm…swing DANCING!!!!

Just weird. I use (for over 3 years now) and have been exceptionally happy with their tagging and organizational systems as well as their photo printing options and prices. But two weird things have happened recently.

First, the scary one: I just renewed my subscription and Item #4 on their mandatory User Agreement was for Yahoo! to use a 3rd party vendor to automatically renew my Credit Card Acct # on file if it should expire so that it would easily be recalled next time I went to renew my account! That’s right–even if my CC expires, they will pull the NEW CC info automatically. Umm, thanks but NO thanks. I still agreed in order to renew, but I made sure I used a “shopsafe number” that can’t be renewed (as far as I know).

Second, the funny item: I’ve received two baffling contact requests from people with ScreenNames like “happycouplesoanso”, etc. When I clicked on their profiles, I was treated to a  description of them as a “young, attractive, adventurous” couple. From the looks of their rather scandalous pictures, it was apparent that by “adventurous” they didn’t mean interested in hiking or glacier trekking.  I wrote the first one off as a fluke, but when a second, very similar request came, I started investigating…what could POSSIBLY be in my pictures that would draw these people to my photostream, out of the millions of others they’d have to sift through.

The Wunderhusband and I are cute, but we’re not THAT good looking ;)

And then it hit me.

You can do “tag” searches on Flickr to find photos that people have “tagged” with certain categories….and I now have a feeling that my swing dancing tags are being misinterpreted.


but giggle-worthy.


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  1. Roy Gothie

    I suspect this is a failure in the reading comprehension department.

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