aka, Perils of Grad School.

It’s the end of the quarter, time for mega papers and presentations that will determine whether or not students pass their classes.

Last night, about to present something that my partner and I spent at least 60 hours on, I decided to print out a few more notes during a short class break. I jogged over to my partner’s office, taking an unfamiliar shortcut. (at this point, I should tell you that I was wearing my glasses, not my usual contact lenses, and couldn’t see very well).

Suddenly, I was on the ground, upper lip bleeding profusely, head pounding.

I had jogged into a huge glass door.

Splat, just like a cartoon.

And yes, someone from my class saw me. Thankfully, she was sympathetic and concerned and didn’t laugh (at least, not in front of me).

So, now I have a fat lip, two VERY bruised knees and a sore head.

But, we gave the presentation…. :) And thank God I didn’t break a tooth–my lip took the brunt of the impact…and, let’s face it, I really don’t jog very quickly!


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