cold feet

our heater decided to take a permanent vacation this week.

We called in a repair guy and he said that our heater is sooo old that they don’t make parts for it anymore. To address the problem would involve a) $500 worth of retrofitting b) $2000 to buy a new unit or c) pulling our extra down comforter out of storage.

Guess which one we chose?

The only bad thing is that I can’t study under a down comforter….it keeps slipping! And I’ve decided that having cold feet is very bad for my writing. My solution? Double layers of socks and stealing my dog’s heating pad! Mmmm. cozy.

Soooo, one paper on the narratee of Rebecca West’s Return of the Soldier finished, and 1 mega-TESL project, 1 mini-TESL-project-presentation, 1 World Lit Mega-proposal, and 1 World Lit-Collaborative-Syllabus project to go….plus 1 MEGA Important TESL Final Exam. ::sigh::. Just 1 more week ’til break!!!!


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