End of an Era :'(

My beloved 2001 Ford Focus, Ginger, has passed away.

She gets officially donated to charity tomorrow.

I ADORE this car, and she’s in perfect condition aside from needing $5,000 in engine work. Not a single stain on the upholstery, fabulous exterior and interior. I’d even just had her detailed a month ago.

So, no plans for a new car just yet. My bro-in-law is letting the Wunderhusband use his cast-off truck (that he no longer needs) and I’m using our truck for my driving needs.  We’ll see how long this arrangement lasts. ::sigh::

But, someday, I will have a new car and will build new memories in it…. for now, I am simply sad and grateful for the 6 years of excellent service that Ginger gave me.



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2 responses to “End of an Era :'(

  1. Requiescat in pace!

    Well, my own “end of an era” came in June, when my own ford Focus (didn’t name it) stopped in traffic and joined the “choir invisible” of automobiles. I bought a 2005 Toyota Corolla, which had only 38,000 miles, in August. Three months later, the radiator cracks, and the engine blows a gasget. Obviously, I’m not paying for it!

    I’m happy that your eye surgery went smashingly well. Many, many years of good eyesight and many more wonderful memeories!

    R.T. Llizo
    Your former Torrey tutor

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your similar (and doubly disastrous) experience. It’s quite awful to be without a reliable vehicle in CA!! Thank you for the positive wishes on my eyes! It’s SO great to hear from you! Hope your NEXT car (goodness…third one in 6 months??) works out beautifully!

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