PRK update–1 month later

My eyes are better than ever–I’m still on Flarex drops (for 2 more months) and usually need to drop in some Thera Tears first thing in the morning, but other than that, I don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary.

It’s still miraculous to be able to see ALL THE TIME. I’m still at about 20/20 in each eye. My night vision has gotten better–I’ve noticed that when I drive in extremely dark areas, I can see better than I could 2 weeks ago.

Close-up work presents no problems. I’d been worried about this since my eyes were corrected for extreme myopia (I could see near but not far). Reading and computer use (I’ve been doing about 10 -12 hours a day) are as easy as they’ve ever been.
For anyone thinking of getting Laser eye surgery, if you can take about 5 days off, DO PRK! :)



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2 responses to “PRK update–1 month later

  1. Nancy

    hey! thanks for posting the follow up, the read was very interesting. I’m getting PRK done too soon. the pain sounds terrible tho…yikes!

    how are your eyes now? what is the prescription?

  2. Hi Nancy!
    I LOVE the results–my vision is still better than normal (20/15). No pain, no out-the-ordinary sensitivity to light, and my night vision is great. Good luck with your surgery! :)

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