A new addition…

no, I’m not pregnant. :)

As you all know, my much-loved Ford Focus, Ginger, is gone.   The wunderhusband and I have spent all weekend researching on Consumer Reports and on our Toyota dealer’s website. We have an awesome guy who helped us out last time we needed to get a vehicle–I highly recommend him. His name is Fred Williams, and he can be reached at 800-619-8698 (for all you So Cal residents).

We now have Audrey, a beautiful, new (to us) RAV4. She’s named after Audrey Hepburn, my favorite actress of all time (wunderhusband’s idea). This car is AMAZING–there are even buttons on the steering wheel that control the volume and radio station! :) She handles beautifully, and is a lovely silvery-gray with gorgeous, darker gray interior. And….SHE HAS A MOONROOF! I drove home in the rain with the inner cover pulled back, so anytime I glanced up I could see the rain falling over me (but not on me)! :)

Yep, I officially have my dream car. At age 28, I have my dream car. How unbelievably awesome and amazing is that? I’ve been dreaming of having a silver Rav4 with a moon roof since 1998!

Thanks a million to the Wunderhusband for letting *me* pick our new car instead of using this as a reason to get a new car for himself (he’s the one paying for it, after all), and most of all thanks be to God for His provision!



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3 responses to “A new addition…

  1. Kermit the Frog

    Too funny! Hey Wunderhusband, will you buy me a car when I come back to Cambodia? =) Just kidding. Proud of you man, taking care of your wonderful wife!

    Take care of Audrey Mircat! =)

  2. Rachel

    How exciting! I’m so glad for you. :)

  3. Thanks! You and Lucy-light will have to help me inaugurate my kid-seat friendly seats! :)

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