ohhh, *now* I get it

Back in the day when the Wunderhusband was getting his Master’s degree, he’d frequently complain that he couldn’t get anything done when I was at home. I pointed out that I was simply reading or watching a movie or cleaning and that he didn’t have to interact with me if he didn’t want to.

Now that *I’m* getting my Master’s degree, I’m finding that I have the same problem! (I guess you could call it payback for my non-empathy!)

When he’s around, I want to interact with him. If I’m reading for class, I want to talk about what I’ve just read. And if he’s sitting and reading on the couch while I sit and read at the table, I want to know what he’s reading and what he thinks about it.

It’s not that I can’t study w/ other people around–I’m very productive in a coffee shop (though NOT a library) or in a study group. It’s just hard to have my very intelligent, fun, and interesting husband around and not be able to interact with him!

Why don’t you just go somewhere else? you might ask…. And yep, I would say the same thing to the Wunderhusband when he complained. The answer? I just don’t want to be away! I’d rather struggle to study with him around than be completely isolated from him and be more productive. Ridiculous, I know, but thinking back, he had a similar reason for not studying elsewhere.

One thing that might help is if we had a multi-storied house, so that I could study on one floor and still “feel” close to him and he could read or get things done on another floor. Our house has a single story, with the main area in the middle, so that I my study area is literally next to (as in, 8 feet away from) his reading/entertainment area. Not very good planning, on my part, but it’s the only area with enough space for me to lay out all my books and articles.

Needless to say, I’m much more empathetic now. :)


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