primitive decadence

 I have new yummy, cold-weather meal. It’s not terribly bad for me, but it’s definitely not the healthiest thing in the world. And it’s definitely not refined! :)

The main course: 2 slices of wheat bread, buttered (w/ Smart Balance) on 1 side. 4 slices of turkey bacon, crisply cooked. 2 slices of American Cheese (yep, that nasty processed stuff). Put ’em all together in a sandwich (buttered side of bread on the OUTside), then grill to a yummy golden brown on a George Foreman grill.

Dessert: 2 scoops of Dreyer’s slow-churned, Strawberry Ice cream, doused with 1/2 a pack of Nestle’s Rich Chocolate Cocoa mix. Microwave for 10-20 seconds. Mmmmm.

Beverage: a Giant mug of Constant Comment’s Green Tea.

For something that is to-die-for decadent and muy elegante  check out Brownie Points’ Winter Layers Gingerbread Parfait. I cannot wait to make this!!


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  1. meggie4love

    I love the title = ) I love having a blog! I feel fantastic

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