snack-time fiber tip!

OK, imagine eating a yummy, chocolate-chip-stuffed snack and getting 9 grams of fiber and only 130 calories in the process!

Yep, it’s true: Just in case you haven’t seen or heard, Fiber 1 (makers of one of my favorite cereals) now makes snack bars.

They’re reasonably priced–$2.50-$2.79 for a box of 6 bars. Since you will only want to eat 1 bar a day (you’ll know why when you see the nutritional stats), 1 box will last you a week!

The best thing about these snack bars? They taste AMAZING, hands down….delicious. I’ve tasted the chocolate chip ones and plan to taste the caramel ones soon.  They’re not overly crunchy and are stuffed with chocolate chips. Still, each bar only has 10 grams of sugar…and each bar has NINE GRAMS OF FIBER. Total calories = 130…not bad!

I  ate one and was full for 3.5 hours. The nice thing about these bars is that they’re small, so they’re not a chore to eat (like a Powerbar, etc).

Just be forewarned…that’s, ummm, a lot of fiber to dump into your tummy…it may take a few days for your body to adjust. :)

My only gripe: the bars DO contain some corn syrup. :( bummer. But, I’m willing to live with it for the 9 grams of fiber stuffed with chocolate!



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2 responses to “snack-time fiber tip!

  1. megan

    If I hadn’t recognized your particular lexicon of positive, peppy words, I would have thought this was an advertisement. So they are that good huh?

  2. lol! Hi Megan!! Long time no see! :(

    Yep, they really are that good. I just ate one on the way home. I wish all sweet foods were as filling as these babies…they’re easy to eat, delicious AND enjoyable….yet, it’s impossible to eat more than one.

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