how to eat 39 grams of fiber in 1 day…


1) 3 PM — eat a Fiber 1 bar as an afternoon snack (9 grams)

2) 6 PM– eat a high fiber cereal for dinner while trying to “be good” before going to the gym (8 grams)

3) 9 PM– Make an unbelievably delicious Lemony Lentil Soup for “tomorrow’s” dinner.

4) 9:15 PM–Taste test soup, then immediately gobble half the pot–2 cups–of soup (22 grams).

5) Recommended chaser: Mylanta Gas-Ex. :-P

Yeah, I do NOT recommend this much fiber in one day.

But seriously...that soup is SO CRAZY DELICIOUS–modifications (due to necessity)–

  • I used dried cilantro instead of fresh (a lot less than 1/2 a cup of course).
  • Used around 4 TBS of Olive oil instead of 7.
  • I used Trader Joe’s Lime Juice (the one in the little green plastic lime) instead of lemon juice.
  • I pureed the cilantro mix in with the 1 cup of soup instead of just pouring it in.
  • Used plain-jane green lentils from the 99 Cents store instead of brown.
  • What REALLY makes the soup awesome is the final step–pureeing 1 cup of the soup so that it’s just totally irresistible, creamy goodness.


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3 responses to “how to eat 39 grams of fiber in 1 day…

  1. meggie4love

    Yay for Fiber! Miriam I need some advice. if u get time will u read my blog?

  2. natalie

    i thought i was getting lots of fiber. i eat lots of veggies and salads… until i went to this site that you enter your exercise and food intake in journals and it makes graphs for you… it’s pretty cool. well i found out i was only getting a few grams per day! i read that you are supposed to get b/t 20-30 and that’s how i came across your site on how to get more fiber/day.

    how much fiber is in this soup? i’m eating low carb (healthy low carb – chicken, fish, veggies) so do you happen to have all of the nutrient values for this soup?

    if it fits in my diet plan, i will definitely try it!

  3. Oh–yeah, it’s amazing how deliberate and careful one has to be to really get enough fiber. It’s getting easier now with all the enhanced-fiber products, but yeah, things like lettuce/salads SEEM like they have so much fiber and they have maybe 1 gram in a giant bowlful! Glad to know you’re on the right track now! :)

    As far as the nutritional value for the soup, it’s not in the recipe I linked to, but since the main ingredient is lentils, and since lentils have about 8 grams of fiber/half cup (cooked), 9 grams of protein (NICE!), and 115 calories, you’re looking at a VERY high fiber/protein soup! There’s also very little fat (just what’s there from the olive oil, and you’ll notice that I lowered that significantly)

    Another think I like about this soup is that it’s very easy to keep the sodium down (use reduced sodium/less chicken broth). Also, unlike many lentil soup recipes, it doesn’t call for a bunch of low-fiber, higher-sugar veggies like corn, carrots, etc.

    Hope this helps, and best wishes on your quest! :)

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