Ellen Page in Big Bear, CA today! :)

So, I adore Ellen Page–I think she’s smart, interesting, original, and would be an awesome friend. AND SHE WAS 5 FEET AWAY FROM ME TODAY!

I was in Big Bear, hanging out with my in-laws, and she and a friend (who was driving the car) drove up in front of the store we were standing outside of. They appeared to consult a map and console a small, dark brown dog, then they drove away after about 5 minutes. I REALLY wanted to run up, knock on her closed window and say “I think your work in Hard Candy and Juno was TOTALLY amazing–thank you for being original and intelligent!” but I was too chicken. If her window had been down, I totally would have…but I felt like a big creep going up and knocking on her car. ::sigh::

But yeah…a cool brush with a celebrity who I actually admire, plus some yummy ice cream, time with family in the mountains, board games, brilliant stars, and a warm fireplace–those all added up to make this weekend amazing!


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