massage for transformers

alternate title: don’t be afraid to barter!

I have an AWESOME massage therapist who is astonishingly reasonable in his pricing. He has done wonders for my poor, crunched-by-too-much-sitting-and-reading-and-reading-and-reading lower back.

The Wunderhusband is a huge fan of Transformers.

How are these two related, you ask?

Well, the WH got 2 Transformer games for his PS2, played them, beat them, and was wondering
what to do with them. A chat with my massage therapist revealed that he too has a PS2 and adores Transformers. The WH offered his games as bartering fodder, and I asked my massage therapist what they were worth (the games only cost $25 total). I figured I might get a $10 or $20 discount on my next massage. Instead, he said they were worth an HOUR long massage ($60 value).

Then, this past weekend on a girls’ weekend in Big Bear (spear-headed by my dear friend, Brenda), we went shopping at the Village. I saw an amazing, unique 3-panel room-divider made entirely from sticks and twigs. It was marked $119 and was 45% off as part of a “moving sale”. I still didn’t want to pay $70, so I asked if I could pay $40.

The cashier called the owner, and half an hour later I was the proud owner of a twig room-divider (well, my mom was, anyway) for $40! :)

Bartering ROCKS!


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