so very much…

There’s been so much on my mind these last few months. I’m sorry for the absence here. A quick update: thanks to God, my eye surgeon (who didn’t mess up my eyes), amazing professors, and an exceptional husband and understanding family, I’ve passed my comprehensive exams and now have my MA in English literature. :) Mega dream accomplished.

Now I want a PhD.

Seriously, I thought this degree would feel, well, more complete and like I’d, ummm, mastered something. But all it did was whet my appetite for more yummy schooling. This is actually quite distressing as it was so unexpected. Not in my 5 year plan. But really who am I kidding? Since when has life ever gone according to *my* 5 year plan?

After an unexpected conversation with the wunderhusband, I decided to seek gainful, full time employment near our home (something low stress but interesting and challenging), and God dropped what seems like the perfect job into my lap through a bizarre and convoluted series of events that has left me in awe. The job is flexible enough to allow me to teach part time if I’m blessed enough to get a position at a community college. It seems to good to be true, but I’m cautiously exuberant. :-D

I’ve also joined the ranks of women who have been pregnant for a short while. Also quite surreal. I may talk about that more in a separate post. Suffice it to say that God is very good and we are well.

Some inspirational posts from Kirsten and Christianne (dear women from college) on spiritual development: Enjoy!


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