oops…sorry for the confusing post!

Sorry about that…I’m not pregnant.

I was pregnant for about 2 weeks but during the stress of finals, and for reasons unseen and unknown, I’m not pregnant anymore. Apparently 20% of women my age miscarry at least once.

But yeah, that’s about how quickly I found out….the funny thing is that even though all the pregnancy tests I took showed up negative, I *knew* I was pregnant. And I’m so NOT one of those “in tune with her body” women. I think it’s just one more quiet little argument for the sanctity of human life–there’s something mystical and beautiful about it.

It’s very very odd to have been pregnant, even for just a couple weeks…. I’m still processing it. But I’m well, joyful, and happy, as is Anthony.

Much love,




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2 responses to “oops…sorry for the confusing post!

  1. I’m sorry–I totally misread your last post. I know several people who have only been pregnant for a little while (and still are) and so I read it that way. Now that I look at it, it can go both ways. I hope I didn’t cause you any additional pain.

  2. No worries, Sarah–you didn’t cause me any pain! I wouldn’t have posted about this issue if I didn’t feel ready to talk about it. ::hugs:: Thanks for the comment.

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