yummy food to take to work…

One awesome thing about my job is that there is NOWHERE to eat anywhere within feasible walking or driving distance, and since I only have 30 minutes for lunch, bringing food is a must. I’m so grateful for the removal of any temptation to eat out (except for occasional staff meetings at Panera). However, it’s taken me a month (and several lunch-times spent hungrily foraging in the breakroom cupboards) to remember that prepping lunches takes ummmm, planning and cooking ahead. :)

I’ve been enjoying Kirstin‘s cooking blog, and thought I’d try her orange tofu stirfry. I barely followed the recipe, and it was still AMAZING. I made it using a bag of Trader Joe’s “Greens with Envy” (green beans, spinach, edamame, and broccoli), a package of firm tofu, soy sauce, and a heaping teaspoon of red curry paste. WOW! I NEVER would have thought that soy sauce and red curry would be good together, but they’re an extraordinarily savory, satisfying combination. (I didn’t have time to marinate the tofu, but I *did* put it in the oven, cubed, for 20 minutes, and it made stir frying the tofu infinitely easier. The texture is exquisite with the baking/stir-frying technique). Finally, I sprinkled some raw flax seeds over the whole dish (I can’t get enough of flax seeds–the texture and taste are just out of this world). It smelled so good that I had to quickly put it in the fridge so that it would last ’til tomorrow’s lunch. :)

I’ve also been trying to eat more whole fruit, so I chopped up 3 apples and tossed them with pineapple juice (a tip suggested by Tammy, to avoid the unpleasant tartness that comes with using lemon juice). I hulled 1 lb of strawberries (the Wunderhub likes to eat ’em dipped in sweetened condensed milk), and rinsed/de-stemmed a bunch of grapes.

This week also marks the start of renewed emphasis on physical fitness. I found someone to help me with weight/endurance training, and my first session is tonight. SWEET!


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  1. hi miriam!! imagine my delight when i just read that you tried out the orange tofu stirfry. that was one of my prouder moments in the kitchen when i discovered that soy sauce & red curry paste really CAN go together. :o) i’ve gotten a lot of good ideas from your space also.

    and oh yeah, flax seeds are a staple in my diet … ground up with the gluten-free steel-cut oats every morning (with dried cranberries, chopped almonds, and vanilla soymilk, of course).

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