quick update

Let’s see…what’s been going on….

  • Travel:

The wunderhub and I are officially destined for Cambodia on Thanksgiving (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!). We’re visiting our dear friend, Nick, and doing some sightseeing for about 2 weeks. We’re also slated to celebrate the 80th birthday of the Wunderhub’s grandma on a 5 day cruise to various parts of Mexico. A cruise is definitely not something I’d choose to do for fun, but I’m absolutely thrilled at the thought of spending 5 whole days with 30-40 family members who I never get to see. What a treat! Oh yes: and there will be a karaoke competition. :-D

  • Health

I’ve been lifting weights and working with an astonishingly affordable personal trainer. I LOVE how strong resistance training makes me feel. No change (i.e., reduction!!) in my weight yet, but I feel so good that I don’t care all that much….at least on days when I’m feeling less shallow. I also just recovered from the WORST COLD I’ve had in I-can’t-remember-how-long. I’m still hacking up gunk out of my lungs, but at least I can sing again! (gotta train for that karaoke competition).

  • Audrey (my dear Rav 4)

got crunched on the freeway. Thankfully, she’s fixed and since she absorbed most of the impact, her driver (yours truly) has no injuries, not even any residual soreness. More on that whole experience in a separate post.

  • School

I MISS SCHOOL! I didn’t enroll in classes this quarter/semester b/c of all the traveling we plan to do, but now I’m going absolutely bonkers now that school is starting without me. :( I have an absurd amount of things I can and have started to learn on my own though (quilling, embroidery, knitting, altered clothing-making, altered-book-making, collaging, beading), so I just need to channel my antsiness into ummm, artsiness. :) (yup, my corniness apparently knows no bounds).

  • Work

I adore my job. I look forward to seeing and interacting with my coworkers, and I learn something new every day. While the pay is still pretty heinous, the flexibility and general awesomeness of everything else is keeping me very happy. I’m so very blessed to have this job.

  • Words

I’m currently obsessed with anything written by Annie Dillard and by this phrase from the song “Warm Whispers” by Missy Higgins: “and I am weeping warm honey and milk”. Seriously….it’s the craziest image and my mind goes in so many directions with it. (Thanks to Lindsey Pilgreen, my fellow Cal Poly alum for introducing the song to me!)

  • Critter

Our 17-human-years-old puppy is not eating solid foods and we can’t figure out why. This is extremely sad for the wunderhub and m’self. I’ve gotten pretty good at doctoring up the one thing she’ll eat this week: cream of chicken soup. I’ve started making it with half-and-half, just to get some more calories in her. Tomorrow, I’ll try pureeing some of her wet food into it to see if she’ll drink that up. Please pray that God will be merciful to all of us in this situation.


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  1. Great update. We miss you.

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