I heart the internet and google

The internet can be exasperating and medicore at times, but occasionally it does something to make my life SO MUCH EASIER! Like today–I’d been frustrated with our label maker at work. It puts a one inch margin on either side of the text–TOTALLY wasteful (the cardtridges are $15-$20 each)!If you’ve ever worked with labels, you know that they have massive internal menus but they’re a bit unscrutable and hard to access. And we didn’t have our user manual.

So, I googled “label maker uses too much tape”, got a link to a forum at 43 folders, and learned (from someone with my same gripe) that the Brother P-Touch label maker has a “margin” setting that can be reset.

A helpful commenter noted that manufacturer puts all its manuals online in pdf format. I went to the Brother site, found my manual, and about 2 minutes after I’d typed in my search, my labelmaker’s margins were reset to “none” instead of “full”.


Yup. In spite of how scary and hell-bent-on-world-domination google is getting, I still heart google and the internet.


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