Cambodia, here we come!

On Wednesday night, we’re heading over to Cambodia to hang out with our very dear friend, Nick Yu. If you will, please pray for safety and health on this rather arduous trip. It’s both my and the wunderhub’s first trip to a truly 3rd world area (no plumbing, no sewer systems, generators rather than powerlines, the need to boil water b/c purification tablets don’t work on the hard-shelled microorganisms that live in it).

We just went on a cruise for a family reunion (on the wunderhub’s side, of course), and I got food poisoning. It was pretty brutal for 24 hours–fluids violently exiting my body from whichever orifice they were closer too. As I crouched in the tiny bathroom, I wondered “how would I do this with NO indoor plumbing or running water??”.

I’d *really* rather not find out.

Please pray also for the spiritual aspect of this journey. We would like to be as much of an encouragment as possible to our friend and be open to helping with anything he  needs us to do. I personally don’t feel as spiritually prepared for this experience as I’d like, and that’s a bit scary.

Please pray for safety–there are still tons of landmines in Cambodia, grave government corruption, and a high level of street crime. We will be in fairly benign areas (at the school where our friend works and in tourist attractions like Ankhar Wat), but it’s still an unfamiliar and unstable area.

Much love to all and thank you!


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  1. We’re excited for your trip! We’ll be praying things go smoothly. I’ve enjoyed reading some about Nick’s adventures on his blog. I’d love to go to Cambodia. Let us know when you get back so we can hear about the trip.

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