cambodia update–AWESOME weather!

So, we’ve had the incredible and amazing blessing of “cold” weather here in Cambodia. CRAZY! Everyone is wearing jeans and jackets because it’s a freezing 75 degrees Fahrenheit. LOL. We’re thrilled…and still in shorts and t-shirts. Thanks be to God–seriously, having cool weather makes an infinite difference. It’s actually cooler here than in the Philippines (since it’s further from the equator).

Today we’re going to visit the students at the Elementary and Middle schools here at Bright Future School.

Yesterday, we went to a morning church service a few miles away and had evening worship and fellowship at Dr. Kim’s house. To get there, we all piled into a Toyota Tacoma truck bed and drove on a tiny, one-lane dirt road through the middle of a rice field! Yes, we have video to prove it…coming soon.

During the day, Nick took us on a walk around this village area near the church…we saw a guy plowing with water buffalo (something I never imagined I’d see in person), took a picture with a little boy flying a kite made from garbage bags and sticks, and saw some rice and grass fields and a big flock of ducks. We also saw a big pond full of lotus blossom plants with those gorgeous pink and white flowers that look like something out of a disney movie. We also saw a calf (SOOOOOO CUTE…about the size of a very big goat with big floppy ears and round eyes.) I really wanted to pet it, but it was terrified of me and tried to bolt (it was tied to a fence). So, we had to settle for a picture.

We also saw a public school/buddhist temple (it functions as both). it was guarded by two fierce geese who honked at us and pretended to attack (but chickened out at the last minute…thank goodness!). The temple commemorated a god represented by a snake with 5 heads. quite terrifying.

We’ve eaten all our meals at the missionary house and they’ve actually been overfeeding us…..Anthony is happy with the food and snacks–most of the baked goods here are very plain, so he’s in heaven. He’s particularly fond of these tiny muffins that taste like angel food cake. they contain extra protein from all the dead ants baked in, since the bakers can’t keep the ants out of the sugar. Yes, I ate ants. ;) They didn’t taste like anything.

Nick loves all his presents–the beef jerkey, guitar strings, markers, dictionaries, and lava cake mix. There aren’t any ovens here as we know them in the States…there are clay pots stacked on top of charcoal, then covered on top with charcoal to provide dual heat sources. That’s how the little muffins are baked, so we’re pretty sure we can modify that technique to make lava cake. :)

We were also able to see the land Nick has purchased–he’s going to plant banana trees and some other fruit trees sometime during Feb or Mar of next year.

The pace of life here is very slow….lots of time to rest and walk and lots of time when you can’t get anything done that requires electricity. There is no infrastructure here for water or power, so BFS has a diesel generator and a water purification system (just installed 3 weeks ago, lucky for us!). The water pressure comes from a pump powered by the generator, and from the location of 2 tanks on top of a 3 story building. It provides running water only when the generator is on. For the other times, we have a big bucket of water and a bowl to pour the water (meaning most of the time we take birdbath showers). We’re SO lucky to have Western style toilets in the missionary housing. Before the water purification system was in place, ALL the water for feeding/bathing 400 + people had to be purchased or boiled. the school directors decided to get the purification system when a crisis occurred a few months ago making it impossible for them to obtain enough clean water.

Did you know that geckos make squeaking sounds? They do. in fact, they’re pretty noisy at night. We’re happy to share our rooms with geckos since they eat bugs that could bite us. Our DEET is working–fingers crossed, we haven’t rec’d any bug bites yet.

Dec 3 we’re going to Siem Riep to see Ankor Wat and several of the other temples in that complex. We also hope to visit the famous market in that area. We’ll travel via bus, since that’s about $14 USD. A taxi would cost $70 USD. The bus ride is pretty arduous, according to Nick–3-5 hours, but we’ll try to get an “air con” bus to minimize Anthony’s car sickness. We’ll check into a hotel, then see a few sites around the city, then Dec 4 we’ll go see the sunrise at Ankor Wat and also look at the famous “tomb raider” temple: Ta Prohm…it’s the one in the Lara Croft movie with angelina jolie, the one covered with roots and trees and jungle plants. The morning of Dec 5, we’ll leave for another 3-5 hour bus ride to Phnom Penh where we’ll visit the HUGE famous central market and several other sites that Nick has recommended. We may or may not be able to get to the Killing Fields memorial…we’ll see….

gotta go….love to all, thank you for your prayers (they are working) and PLEASE keep us in prayer for safety as we travel without Nick or a translator. ::hugs:: ~Mir and Wunderhub


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  1. Hey guys,

    It’s been fun to read about your trip. So much of what you’re seeing is similar to what we’ve seen in the parts of SE Asia that we’ve been, so I can relate to it. It’s always interesting to read someone’s first impressions of new places. We’d love to get together sometime and see photos from your trip.

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