teaching in Cambodia! :)

Well, we had a marriage “first” today: the wunderhub and I taught English TOGETHER as guest speakers in Nick’s Adult English class. We taught 11 Bible College Students for 90 minutes. We started with introducing ourselves, then moved on to a vocabulary and pronounciation lesson. The theme we chose was medical terms, since many of these students serve as translators for visiting missionaries. If said missionaries need to go to a doctor, it helps if their translators are familiar with basic medical terms. So, the Wunderhub drew a diagram of the internal organs in the torso, and I went over spelling and pronounciation of various organs and symtoms (e.g., liver and jaundice, stomach and stomach ache, cramps, nausea, vomiting, throwing up, etc). Some of them asked “rabbit trail” questions like “what causes an old man’s knees to have pain?” and I deferred the Wunderhub’s medical expertise. he did a great job explaining in simple terms.

The students asked us to slow down….we had to make sure we didn’t speak “too fast” since they’re not used to hearing a native speaker. Their major difficulties were with the “i” sound (as in “wrist”), and they also had a tough time with the “th” (as in “mouth”) and “v” (as in “fever”), so we worked on those sounds.

After about 45 minutes of vocabulary training, we transitioned into a “just for fun” break by singing the “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” song, and racing to see whether boys or girls were faster. Naturally, the girls won :), and Nick, the official referee of the contest, decreed that the losers (men) had to all do 10 pushups as penalty.

We reviewed vocabulary and took more questions, then moved on to a writing assignment. I wrote a prompt that Dr. K would’ve been proud of (I think) ;), and then they wrote a paragraph talking about a time when they’d been sick, using at least 5 of the new words they’d learned and using plenty of adjectives and details.

We’re in the library now and are answering students’ questions. We also graded and returned their paragraphs. Nick just did a lecture for his computer students on how to use email, so we just helped about 6 of them create email accounts for the first time. That was a cool experience, though deciphering the security code graphics that Yahoo! puts on their registration page is a PAIN, even if you’re not an ESL learner!

Tomorrow is our last day at the school, and then we head out to Siem Reap. Nick is helping us get bus tickets and a hotel room…can’t wait to see the sun rise over Ankor Wat!

Much love to all! thank you for your prayers…we’re told that the cool, wonderful weather we’ve been having is unheard of…one woman who’s been coming to cambodia for 5 years for 6-9 months at a time said she’s NEVER experienced this type of cool weather even in December. God is being particularly merciful to us! ;)

~Mir and Wunderhub


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