Day 3/28

OK, today was the polar opposite of yesterday. Good grief.

Menu was virtually the same (Kefir, nuts, shrimp-edamame-avocado salad, nuts, turkey sausage, more shrimp salad, followed by 2 cups of steamed broccoli with some shredded cheddar). And there the similarities end.

Had a ridiculous energy slump at 3:30 PM (unlike yesterday). Caved and ate 90% of a freshly baked-from-scratch chocolate chip cookie. Boooooo! :(


Energy slump carried over to when I went to go work out. I was so tired (not sure why–I got 7 hrs of sleep last night) that I slept in my car for an hour in the gym parking lot. I still wanted to go home, but I made myself go in and did 30 mins of cardio on the elliptical (only burned 250 calories), then did some ab work on a stability ball, followed by some relaxing stretches. Focused on my breathing again, and listened to what my body wanted to do: my pace was a lot slower than yesterday, but still consistent.


Just finished my 64 ounces of water. YEAY ME! 2 days in a row! Oddly, the water consumption feels very natural with this meal plan. It’s still a very conscious effort to remember to drink so much water, but I don’t actually feel like it’s too much.

Oh, and just so you know, I’m aware that the whole “64 oz of water a day” thing was and never has been a health mandate (the original study noted that most adults get enough fluid through normal food and beverage consumption throughout the day, and that it ends up being around 64 oz of fluid). Still, I *know* that I drink far too little water, and I’m curious to see what tripling my normal consumption does for my health and how I feel.


Am slowly working 2 mantras into my thought processes. One is the diabetic mandate: “refined sugar is poison to me”…I have such an issue with overconsumption of refined sugar (I’m FAR too fond of it) that I’m trying to modify my thinking about it to be severely restrictive. I then hope to get to a more moderate place where I can have a cupcake now and then, but keep desserts to a minimal treat rather than a daily craving.

The other mantra is a work in progress. Now that I’m not in college, it’s a challenge to integrate exercise into my daily life. So, I tried to think of something enjoyable that I ALWAYS do on a daily basis, no matter what, and correlate that activity with exercise. The answer? Showering! :) I LOVE showers, and never skip them. E V E R. So, my second mantra is: “Exercise is like showering: you do it every day, and it makes you feel better.” Hey, I said it was a work in progress! :-P

Let’s see how tomorrow goes!



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2 responses to “Day 3/28

  1. wow. we have a LOT in common. well, except that i FINALLY cut out ALL refined sugar in 2008 for my NY resolution. and i’m doing it again this year, too. like you, i enjoy overconsuming sugar like you would not believe. luckily, i have found wonderful natural sweeteners to substitute and that has worked terrifically…’s even massively cut down on my insane sugar cravings. now if my nasty little sweet tooth bothers me, i can shut it up with an apple or honey-sweetened graham cracker….and i don’t need the ENTIRE box!

    also, the exercise thing i can relate to. i have also been working on making it a daily part of life instead of this thing i do once in a while. if i feel unmotivated, i at least spend some time doing yoga….just slow gentle stretching and holding poses that increase my heart rate. it’s something.

    oh! i was going to mention a book that will help you to NEVER want to eat sugar again. it’s called the Sugar Blues, by William Duffy. it’s from the 60’s or 70’s but the information, a lot of which is historical/political, is incredibly motivating.

    one more thing….the water intake thing….i’ve actually read that a lot of us need to be more concerned with our salt intake, than water. especially those eating a lot of fresh foods and less packaged foods….anyway, i guess there can be always something to “worry” about. phooey.

    great post!

  2. Thanks so much for the input–I have really enjoyed reading your posts too. What an ambitious endeavor! I’ll look up the Sugar Blues as soon as I can. :) And yes, I’m totally with you on the “something is better than nothing” as far as exercise is concerned….a daily practice. keep up the awesome posts, and thanks for the comment!

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