Day 4/28

Sorry I’m a little late posting this….

Well, I didn’t simply fall off the no-refined-carbs bandwagon yesterday: I took an inelegant nosedive off. ::sigh::

I started well with a protein shake made w/ fat free milk and Trader Joe’s low glycemic index vanilla “Aria” blend (only 80 calories, tons of protein, and a palatable flavor).

The demise started with a disruption in my routine: I got called in to jury duty at noon yesterday, and none of the foods I had packed were edible without a microwave. And there’s no access to a microwave there (note to self: if I get picked to be on this jury, make sure all my foods are edible cold.) So, I had nothing to eat but a bag of Valdosta Pecans, and I ate WAY too many of them (probably a full cup).

Then, I planned to work out but was so bone-numbingly tired (again!) that I sat and read 2 books at home.The wunderhub wanted pasta with marinara sauce…so I made him the Ronzoni white-pasta-with-6-grams-of-fiber and around 7-grams-of-protein-per-serving  with marinara sauce, shredded parmesan and shredded mozzarella. It looked SO good, that I ate about a 3/4 cup serving. ::sigh::

Then, we had a lovely, surprise visit from some dear friends, so I whipped up some baked salmon, salad, stir fried veggies for the grownups, and mac ‘n cheese for the kids. The appetizer was guacamole made with 2 fresh avocados, fresh chopped cilantro, and Pace Picante Salsa w/ tortilla chips (I had about 5 large chips with guac & some salad since I was still full from the pasta). Then….I made a dark chocolate bundt cake, timing it so that it was still warm and freshly out of the oven for dessert. I drizzled each slice with caramel sauce and sprinkled them w/ Ghirardelli 60% cacao chocolate chips. And learned that I simply have no self control in the face of freshly baked desserts. I ate 3 servings. They were all fairly small, but STILL…it was the equivalent to a pretty BIG slice of cake.

Some things I noted though:

1) I can tell the difference between from- a-mix cake (if it hasn’t been doctored up w/ sour cream or other enhancing ingredients) and from-scratch cake. I slightly prefer from scratch, which has not always been the case. I think Wonderland Bakery spoiled me…their from-scratch-cupcakes are to die for.

2) I’m a total caramel snob: my homemade caramel is SO MUCH BETTER than anything I’ve yet to purchase or try.  The caramel sauce I used was so fake tasting to me, even though its ingredient list is almost the same as my own. I think the quality of my ingredients is simply superior. : )

3) I cannot cook yummy refined carbs for others during this training phase without sabotaging my eating plan!!

Oh, and I only drank about 32 oz of water yesterday. But I’m back on track today! Here’s to “a new day, with no mistakes in it. Yet” (yeay for Anne of Green Gables).


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