Have you ever had one of those deliciously overwhelming learning experience that opened up so many new pathways and ideas that you couldn’t keep track of them all? I love that feeling…a wonderfully decadent abundance of creative energy.

Those types of experiences have seemed very few and far between lately, but I was delighted and deeply humbled to have one this week. I took a class on Final Cut Pro, a video editing program. Yeah, I know, that doesn’t sound all that exciting. But the combination of getting to work with an artistic, preternaturally gifted teacher and the fact that FCP is an *amazing* program that seems to be limited only by its user’s capabilities has left me feeling mentally breathless. (And can I just say how AWESOME it is to work with someone who has defined, clearly articulated artistic principles? I so appreciate when people think through why they believe something, act on that belief, and then articulate that belief clearly to others. Yeah, our teacher totally rocks!).

May your long weekend be productive, rejuvenating, and bountifully creative!


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  1. Cool. So do you have any video projects in mind? I didn’t know you were interested in that. Now that I have a DSLR that shoots HD video (the Canon 5D Mark II), I’ve been playing around with video editors a bit too. So far I’ve just been using iMove ’09, which is actually quite good. But I know there is a lot more I could do with FCP.

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