South Beach, phase 1 update

My SB Phase 1 attempt unfortunately coincided with intense physical and mental fatigue, stress, and busyness. So, I gave myself permission to not continue with Phase 1 until I regain some equilibrium. One thing that I realized is that I allow myself to absorb far too much stress, anxiety, and frantic energy from stressed out people around me. This has lead to daily, throbbing tension headaches, exhaustion, lack of creativity, and short temperedness with loved ones. So, I am making it a point to respond to stress and panic in others with calm, humble optimism, refusing to allow myself to get pulled into the vortex of panic while still humbly (not smugly!) offering cheerful support.

I will resume blogging SB phase 1 experiences, tips, and menus when I feel ready to continue or have made enough modifications to successfully complete a 30 day experiment with it. :)



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4 responses to “South Beach, phase 1 update

  1. Shannon

    Hi, I live in France and I found your blog when googling “South Beach No Phase One”… only to see if anyone had experience with South Beach by skipping directly to phase two. I know it’s only two weeks, but Phase One (as-is) seems overwhelmingly restrictive.

    Good luck to you!

  2. Mircat

    Hi Shannon! I TOTALLY agree with you on the restrictiveness of Phase 1. Your term “overwhelmingly restrictive” is a perfect description. Just this week I’ve been considering skipping straight to Phase 2 and just accepting that my weight loss will simply be a bit slower….good luck on your endeavors!

  3. Christie

    I’m about to complete phase OCT 2nd and feel like i’ve been dieting for months. The no caffeine and bread has been an absolute nightmare but it is doable. So far i’ve lost 12lbs. I think if you can get through two weeks phase 2 will be so much easier. good luck

  4. Good post. Will you please write a lot more about this topic.

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