hope, not fear

Have you ever had so many thoughts swirling through your head that it was too overwhelming to put even one of them in writing? Well, that’s been my feeling lately. So here are a few quick takes:

1) I believe that we are called to love, and love drives out fear, which promotes hope which precludes despair. “and the light shined in the darkness, and the darkness could not comprehend it…”

2) I’m struggling with the responsibility that results from knowledge. If I know of 50 awful, human-rights violating situations because I read 50 separate news stories that detailed them, what am I supposed to do with that knowledge? Pray? Try to help in a physically tangible way? How often do I pray?

3) the Wunderhub has filled our backyard with Spring flowers, my sweetpeas are about to bloom, and we’re about to get a breath-takingly dark purple bougainvillea vine to climb our patio trellis. :-D

4) Daylight savings has been kicking my butt.

5) My job, while still enjoyable, is becoming rather stressful. I keep telling myself that it’s a good chance to practice cultivating joy and peace in the midst of chaos and stress. Yeah. ::sigh::

6) I read a thought provoking article on the hipster subculture and its devastating effects on Western culture. Check it out–you won’t be disappointed.

7) I feel like I miss something, a sort of melancholy wistfulness. but I don’t know what it is.


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