8 Quick Takes-Easter Edition

Since I can’t get a coherent post together, here’s a quick update:

1) Awesome news: wunderhub got time off for our Europe-or-Road-trip-across-the-USA summer extravaganza. Yeah, we’re still deciding which it’s gonna be.

2) Attended a service for the stations of the cross. It was interesting, and a good thing to do. I was inordinately distracted by the patronizing, heavy-handed tone of the “helpful” guide we used to conduct the service, though. That’s more a reflection of my own easily distracted self rather than any real flaw in the book.

3) I’ve been pondering freedom and spirituality…playing with the idea that if following God feels like a burden, I’m probably not doing it right.

Also playing with the idea that God probably doesn’t care much about *what* I do in life or in my career and won’t provide guidance on it because it’s my choice that He has given me. What He really cares about is simply being close to me. That sort of makes sense in the same way that I can tell the Wunderhub that he should pick whatever career makes him happy, so long as it doesn’t separate us or harm our marriage.

Maybe it’s a very American way of approaching God to ask him to tell me what my next and best career/life move is?

4) Had a lovely, impromptu visit with the Nick family in the church parking lot last night. :) Good times.

5) Someone gave me FIVE POUNDS of super-top-quality, 70% cacoa chocolate. Can’t wait to make several awesome recipes with it!

6) Can’t eat eggs or egg whites anymore unless they’re very hidden in a dish. Baked double-chocolate-mini-bundt-cakes, and when breaking one open, came across a sinuous piece of protein from the egg whites I’d used and it totally grossed me out. Last week, tried to eat scrambled eggs (perfectly done) and they smelled so strong and so BAD that I choked. ::rolls eyes::

7) Am thrilled to to know that I’m not the only one who writes to-do lists AFTER I’ve accomplished the items on them! :)

8) CANNOT WAIT TO SEE NICK when he visits in May (from Cambodia). Sad that’s it’s only for 2 weeks.


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