July/August Update

River Thoughts:

I’m amazed at how frequently I think of baby River–I can barely feel her move (and only when I’m lying in certain positions), yet I think about her and her arrival for what seems like most of my waking hours. I feel much more attached to her–this was definitely helped by “meeting” her via ultrasound. She’s SO cute, with a an adorable little upturned nose and tiny hands and feet.  She kept squirming away from the u/s probe, since the tech was pressing on her to get her to change positions. It’s probably mean, but I thought her little squirms were totally cute (even though she probably thought we were tormenting her). What finally got her to change positions was for me to get up, use the bathroom, and then jump up and down a couple of times.

I’ve been playing lots of jazz & blues as well as various “relaxing classics” for her since she has ears now. The Wunderhub makes sure that he talks to her as often as possible, too.

The Birthday

I’m looking into various birthing centers and midwife services in this area. I met with one midwife  and she was nice, but I HATE how far her center is (30 miles, one way). I’m checking out another one that’s only 7 miles away. Hopefully, we’ll click.  I’m totally low risk and healthy, so hopefully I’ll be able to have a non-hospital birth. Naturally, if I need a C-section, or end up with complications, etc., I’ll head over to a hospital. I just don’t see a need to be at one so long as everything stays low risk. I’m especially excited about having a waterbirith, if possible. We’ll see what ends up happening! :-P


My energy is returning very slowly, in fits and starts. Tuesday, I was exhausted and barely made it through work and my aerobics class. I arrived home with a raging headache and went straight to bed. Today (Thursday), I had an 11 hour workday, went to aerobics class, went to Costco & OfficeDepot, and then came home and made a double batch of broccoli cheddar soup, chopped up 3 cucumbers to use later, and did laundry. So yeah–it’s awesome to have energetic days, but not every day is filled with energy. :-)


I’m reading TONS of Dean Koontz books, thanks to a co-worker who is a fellow-fan of his writing. I’m also reading other random fiction, as well as starting a biography of Iris Origo (recommended by my mom).


The Wunderhub and I are dancing more frequently–I love it, and am looking forward to having more energy so that I can dance a little more. It feels like my newly expanded circulatory system and blood volume are finally regaining some semblance of equilibrium, as my cardio endurance is a bit better than it was a month ago.


It’s so awesome to know 5 other pregnant ladies around my age–it really makes me feel supported and in good company. It’s crazy to be pregnant–it’s not something I ever really craved or wanted, but I feel exceptionally blessed to have the experience.  Still, it’s definitely not an experience I feel any need to repeat. EVER. Thank God for the adoption option (we don’t want River to be an only)! :) I’m so grateful that my parents adopted my 3 brothers–I have absolutely no fear of adoption b/c it’s  such a natural thing in my family… and I know that my lack of fear is only b/c adoption has always been a positive part of my life.

More to come (yes, I’m sure you’re absolutely riveted by the pregnant lady’s ravings…) :-P


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  1. I’m so excited for you! Love that you’re hoping for a non-hospital birth.

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