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Friday was fabulously productive–I went to the Riverside Public Library for the first time and discovered that my card there will also allow me to check out materials from UC Riverside, just down the street–ummm, can you say FLIPPIN’ AWESOME??? : ) I also ran a few errands, then my energy totally ran out and I went to sleep.

I also discovered that I have a mild UTI (not drinking enough fluids….ergh), so I’ve been downing antibiotics and lots of fluids.

Saturday was a “resting” day, aka, book gluttony day. I read The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by La Leche League. Some cool info, but it could have been 15 pages long rather than over 200. I also read Protecting the Gift by Gavin de Becker–I really like what he has to say about child safety. I have a tendency to worry and be horribly over-protective, and I’m trying to re-program how I think to be more proactive and perceptive rather than paranoid and fearful. I highly recommend de Becker’s book to anyone interested in child safety. He substantiates his claims with common sense observations, anecdotes, and crime stats, and focuses on helping people do what they can rather than worry about things they can’t control.

I also chowed down on 2 Dean Koontz books: False Memory and Hideaway. Dean Koontz is my written equivalent of chocolate. :) LOVE him. The wunderhub spent the day reading in preparation for a class he’ll be teaching in the Fall, so it was a nice, companionable day.

And as a completely unrelated aside: I have been enjoying an awesome summer snack–sliced strawberries topped generously w/ Trader Joe’s 2% plain greek yogurt (yeay for live cultures!)  and a sprinkling of brown sugar. OMG….addictively delicious.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


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