5 (five)

Yesterday, August 29, the Wunderhub and I got to celebrate our FIFTH wedding anniversary(!!!!!).

We chose to celebrate at The Napa Rose, also our dinner venue of choice on our wedding night. The food was amazing this time around (as it was 5 years ago), and our waiter (Steve) was congenial, funny, and helpful.

The day was relaxed and unhurried–the Wunderhub just had PRK done on his eyes (same thing I got done 18 months ago), so we mostly just hung out at home, chatted, and read.

We also got to visit with Ashley Nick and her kiddos on our way to dinner–good times!

This is an intriguing anniversary–5 years sounds like such a very long time…yet it feels like less than 2 years. However, when we think about our marriage 5 years ago versus now, we see significant, positive changes in each other and how we relate to one another. This is also (Lord-willing and all goes well) our final anniversary as a family of 2 adults and a dog…as our 6th anniversary should include our new arrival to our family!

Who knows what year #6 will hold for us–life with the Wunderhusband is always an adventure, and it will only get more exciting with a child in the mix. :)

We’re so blessed to have had this much time together–though I have to admit, the more time I have with the Wunderhusband, the more time I hope we have….I truly can’t imagine life without his strong, capable, intensely loving presence. And his ability to make me laugh so hard that I pee my pants.  Our marriage is a demonstration of  God’s mercy and extravagant generousity: neither of us has done anything to deserve such over-the-top blessings…and yet here we are. Thanks be to God!


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