Why he’s known as the “wunderhusband”

So, I’m officially in the THIRD trimester. Good times. It’s a bit scary to think that the little one is going to TRIPLE in size between now and her birthday (Lord willing), but we definitely want a healthy baby. I have no clue how my tummy will accommodate a tripling in size in 3 months, but apparently it’s been done before. ;)

Anyway, on to the title anecdote of this post: the wunderhub and I were sitting on the couch and he reached over and started massaging my upper arm. He stopped and looked carefully at it, exclaiming: “What happened to your arm?!? It’s all skinny!”

Guess my 4 months of lifting mini barbells hasn’t been completely without results. Needless to say, his comment made my week. I told him that that was the nicest thing he could have said, and he responded with: “Oh that’s good….but please don’t ever say it to me!” : )


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