because I love you, River…

Yes, because I love you, little one, and I want to do everything possible to maximize your brain development during this 3rd trimester, I am cooking AND eating Omega 3 enhanced EGGS. Only for you.

I don’t think I’ve been able to eat an egg that I cooked for over 2 years. They tend to gross me out. I’ve discovered that if I overcook the eggs, then bury them in a sandwich of something yummy (blueberry pancakes, toaster waffles, etc), I can eat them without incident.

And yes, God, thank you for allowing me to live in a country with an absurd abundance of food so specialized that I can buy things like Omega 3-enhanced eggs. When my food aversions are at their ridiculous and absurd worst, I’m deeply humbled and reminded to be grateful for Your provision.

Can’t wait to meet you in person, River-girl!


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