update, November 2009

Well, this has definitely been a more exciting month than either I or the Wunderhusband anticipated!

1) I turned 30. Wunderhub turned 31.

2) Our first daughter was born 2 months ahead of her due date. Welcome to the world, Ms. River Alexandra! (birth story and pics to follow when I have the energy to finish writing down the birth story!)

3) I’m learning to appreciate the joys of pumping milk for our little one. There are days when I feel like a cow and then there are days when I wish I actually were a cow so I could get away with pumping twice a day instead of 6-8 times a day. :-P

4) Recovering from a C-Section is a far less linear process than I thought it would be. I have great days and awful days….e.g., I went without pain meds for 6 days, then over exerted myself and had to use them again tonight. Bummer.

5) Did I mention I’m a MOM???? How crazy and weirdly awesome is that?

6) Post-partum hormone fluctuations are nothing to sneeze at–I’m sort of in awe at their ability to affect how my entire day goes!

7) My mom is amazing and has provided us with food for the last 3 weeks. I can now say from first hand experience that prepared, healthy food is such a great way to minister to convalescing/swamped/stressed people!

More to come….


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