Friday, 7 Quick Takes

1) I’m officially a hand-sanitizer Nazi. I apologize if you’re one of the people I’ve attacked w/ hand sanitizer before allowing you to get near my daughter. Please know that it will more than likely happen again.

2) Why am I only now feeling the effects of nursing on my appetite? I am abso-freakin-lutely ravenous almost all the time. And no, it’s not b/c I’m suddenly burning more calories, b/c I’m definitely not losing weight.

3) I’ve finally been able to read a bit more–and have been fascinated by Greg Kot’s Ripped: How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music and Ellie Kay’s 1/2 Price Living.

4) River and I are finally settling into a fairly decent routine (though now that I’ve put that out there into the universe, the routine will undoubtedly change). I’ve noticed that this week, she invariably eats her first evening meal between 5:3o and 5:40 PM every day. I wonder if her other feedings are just as punctual but are escaping my notice b/c I’m in a bit more of a zombie state earlier in the day.

5) River tried rice cereal as cereal (rather than mixed into a bottle) today. SO CUTE–she loved the taste but had no idea how to consume the cereal. She kept trying to suck on the spoon as if it were a bottle, then pushed the cereal out of her mouth with her tongue. Definitely not ready for solids yet, but at least it was an enjoyable and choking-free experience!

6) I recently made soup FROM SCRATCH, with a recipe for inspiration only (I deviated from it significantly), AND primarily using ingredients that I had around the house, all firsts for me. Thank you to the Complete Tassajara Cookbook for making this fun and feasible and to Making Love in the Kitchen for the inspiration in the form of her “Fairy Dust and Healing Soup” Recipe!

7) River’s first set of vaccines happen this Tuesday. PLEASE pray that they go well, with no ill effects or undue trauma.



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2 responses to “Friday, 7 Quick Takes

  1. You go with the hand sanitizer! We were all about that our twins’ first year. It’s so worth it, if you can avoid RSV with a preemie.

  2. Haha. Thanks, Jessica. I agree with you completely. I’m normally pretty tactful and accommodating, but I’m a complete mama-bear when it comes to making sure people’s hands are clean before they get near my baby-girl. :)

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