Riverbug, Month 5 (3, adjusted)

Oh, Riverbug. You recently turned 5 months old, and you’ve survived your first set of vaccinations and a 4 day trip to Chicago, complete with 2 flights that were 4.5 hrs each.


You continually astonish me with your resilience and adaptability. I was torn about taking you to Chicago: I didn’t want to be away from you for 4 days, but I was also very worried that the flights to and from Chicago would be too stressful for you (and us!). Instead, you slept through take-off on the first flight, yawned your way through the first landing, and fussed minimally throughout the packed-full flight. On our way back, you happily kicked around on a blanket-covered airport seat before our flight. You were looking out the airplane window when we took off to go home, and your mouth dropped open and your eyes widened and you gave me the most adorable, questioning look as the ground dropped away below us. It was a moment of pure, shining wonder. Thank you for sharing it with me.


You’re currently in a burbling phase…you’ve discovered how to make a new buzzing/cooing sound through your pursed lips and you do it as often as you can, much to our and your amusement. Your Dad and I were talking about how amazing it is that you find so much enjoyment in the few things you can do for yourself.

You’ve started (today) to respond to the ASL sign for “food” by smiling and kicking when I say and sign the word to you. I hope this means that you’ll soon realize that you can sign this back to me and get food whenever you want it. :)


Now that I’ve cut dairy products almost completely from my diet, your painful gassy episodes and intermittent colic have disappeared. Thank goodness for LiseHelene who clued me in to the fact that 50% of all babies under 1 year old have a milk-protein (not lactose) sensitivity. Your improvement is so dramatic that your Grandma S. describes you as a different baby–more peaceful and much happier.

You still refuse to nurse, so I’m continuing to pump milk for you. I decided that the amount of stress and effort required to switch you to nursing from bottle feeding was far more trouble than the end result would be worth, so pumping it is! Truth be told, the memory of you being able to eat only by NG tube is so fresh in my mind that I’m thrilled that you can eat by mouth at all, even if it *is* by bottle.

Engaging with your world:

When I exercise (following a 30-day-shred DVD), you stare at me with a mixture of wonder, perplexity, and mild amusement, as if I’m doing the strangest thing you’ve ever seen.

You’re also grasping at toys that interest you, as well as holding onto necklaces, hair, and even other people’s skin. Your current favorite toy resides at Grandma S’s house in the form of an activity-center, stuffed octopus whose head looks disturbingly similar to yours (in a cute way, of course!). You’ve punched, thrown, grabbed, and pulled on this toy, and have even rolled to your side to get to it. You seem to prefer rolling to your right side, so we’re working on helping you to roll to the left.

Mirrors! You ADORE looking at yourself in the mirror, especially if someone is holding you. In fact, sometimes you smile more at my reflection than you do when I’m talking to you face-to-face. I wonder what you think of your reflection….Baby books say that you don’t know it’s you, but when you see and feel me kiss your cheek, you really *seem* to know that you and your reflection are the same person.

Your Dad and I love you so much, Small-Girl. Thank you for the joy you bring us, and keep growing and flourishing!


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  1. andi

    Awe cuz, that’s SOOOOO sweet. We all love River, she truly does make the world a happier place. Thank you for sharing this with us all!
    Luv ya cuz,

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