random household tips

Now that I’m a Work-At-Home-Mom, I’ve had a chance to try out a few household hacks. Two things I’ve recently discovered:

1) Slap bracelets (yes, those things from the 1980’s) make AWESOME, easy-to-use curtain/drape tiebacks. They gather up the curtain in the middle and hold it securely, without slipping. They sit neatly on the windowsill (unlike slippery ribbons that slide off) when not in use.

2) Lemon water. I LOVE water infused with bright, refreshing slices of lemon. I do NOT like slicing lemon for every glass of water. Solution? Slice up an organic lemon, drop it in a pitcher of water, refrigerate, and so long as the lemon is covered with water, it stays fresh for close to TWO WEEKS (I learned this from a random QVC infomercial that I saw online. The host was touting the virtues of a pitcher that had a built in, perforated tube that allowed one to load up fruit into it to infuse the water with flavors. They said that as long as the fruit was covered in water, it stayed good for 2 weeks. I’ve tried it out with lemon only in just a regular pitcher, and it has worked beautifully).

May your week be filled with blessings,



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  1. What’s your work? And how is it going?

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